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How to Prepare for your Portrait Session

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

You're ready to book your portrait session, but want to make sure you have all the details? Here's how you can get informed and prepare for your portrait session.

1. Read & sign your contract, and make your deposit.

Make sure all the details of your session are correct and be ready to make a non-refundable first

payment to fully reserve your date.

2. Plan ahead for wardrobe.

You'd be surprised just how much outfit styling can affect the overall look of your images! I'm

happy to consult with you for outfit selections , and you can view a more detailed wardrobe guide


3. Show up early.

Show up at least 5 minutes early to your session. I schedule all sessions based on the ideal hours

of daylight; therefore, if you show up late, it's going to affect the amount of time and the number

of gallery images from which you'll have to final image selections. The time I provide is the time

we need to start shooting.

4. Relax!

Lots of people get nervous before their session and many even go so far as to tell me before we

get started that they're not very photogenic. I promise you, you'll do better than you think! My

goal is to make the experience relaxed and enjoyable for you. If nothing else, you can get a giggle

out of me probably tripping over something or making a corny joke.

And there you are - you're ready to go! If you're like me, feeling prepared eases a lot of stress, so hopefully this information will help get you to your session relaxed and ready.

Much love,


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