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How to Have a Great Family Photo Session - Simpson Family

I'm so glad the Simpson Family drove all the way from #LittleRock to #FairfieldBay to have a session here with me on the #GreersFerryLake. I had a vision in my head, and Abby, Justin, their three boys, and precious dog were the absolute perfect fit for my ideas.

I've been wanting to focus more on family interaction and connection lately, and thought a session down by the water would be the perfect place to allow for a playful and relaxed shoot. I think this is probably my new favorite family session ever, and I think there are a couple great takeaways from this shoot for families looking to make the absolute most out of their session.

Family looking at each other standing in the lake


Be up for adventure.

The Simpsons traveled an hour and a half each way for our shoot. When I asked Abby if she knew how far it would be for them, she said, "Oh, I know, but it will be an adventure for us!" That's when I started to feel really good about our session.

Then I started to look at the weather... rain. Possibly even thunderstorms. Again, she was unphased. "We don't mind trying." It started to sprinkle as soon as they pulled in my driveway and was still raining once we started shooting. They didn't even bat an eye.

Be willing to get dirty.

Rain? Check. Mud? Check. Lake water? Check. Dog slobber? Check. Ice cream? Check check check.

I did not take it easy on mom and dad. I encouraged their boys to splash in the water. We sat in the dirt and mud. I may have brought ice cream cones for them to eat during their session. But you know what - I feel like in these pictures you can just FEEL #childhood. And that's what I was going for.

Be playful with your children.

Tickle them. Let them tickle you. Swing them around. Chase them. Squeeze them. Not every photo has to be super posed. I think the best ones usually aren't . They use you as a guide for how they should be feeling at a session. If you're relaxed and enjoying yourself, they're so much more likely to do the same.

Dad holding up youngest son in a lake

Mother grabbing oldest son's face playfully

Dad and youngest son squishing their faces together and giggling

Dad and three young sons giggling at each other

Young boys aggressively hugging mother

Wear the right thing.

Okay, fine, this one is a little boring, I know. Finding the right outfits to wear often feels like the hardest part, especially if you've got a larger family. I WILL HELP YOU. Need a #colorscheme to start with? I'll send you examples. Have 7 different options to choose from? Let me help you narrow it down. Can't decide what color to put dad in? I've got that, too.

Wearing the right clothes can absolutely make the session. I feel like in the case of the Simpsons it was a matter of finding something that would just let THEM be the star, instead of their wardrobe taking over or being a distraction.

Young family and dog smiling together sitting next to a lake

Simpsons - you guys were the best! I sincerely hope I get to work with your crew again in the future.



Young family standing together in lake making silly faces

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