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Fresh 48 Documentary Sessions & Reese Evelynn Moody: 07/06/2018

In case you don't know what a Fresh 48 session is, it's a photo session done within a newborn's first 48 hours. These sessions allow parents to document those precious moments that occur when they're first getting to know their newest bundle of joy. Since pretty much all new or new-again parents are incredibly sleep deprived, it can help parents look back and remember just how exciting and life-changing those first few days were. Also, there can be such chaos that occurs around the birth, a #fresh48 session can take away the additional stress of parents trying to capture frame-worthy images themselves - especially since they're likely already trying to juggle breastfeeding, bathing, finding some time to sleep, and numerous visits from family members and friends.


This past week I was privileged to document Miss Reese Evelynn the day after she was born. Her sweet momma had gone several days past her due date, so she went in for an induction the night of the 4th of July (#fireworks, anyone?). Sweet Reese took her time until a little before 8PM on the 6th, when mother Autumn and daddy Collin finally got to meet their much-anticipated baby girl Moody.

When I got there in the early afternoon on the 7th, baby girl was just about to get her first shampooing (she loved it), and then daddy swaddled and snuggled her like a pro while momma's sister helped clean up the (very tired) momma.

It was obvious from the very beginning just how in love these first-time parents were with Reese - and who could blame them? As an expectant mother myself, I can only hope that my child will be half as perfect and beautiful as this little one is. Cousin Whitley was pretty impressed, too.

Her squishy-ness was only further amplified by the adorable outfits Autumn had lined out for her - check out this precious bow she found off #Etsy.

Also, she managed to find a bow and swaddle blanket that reminded me so much of her #maternityphotos dress. How perfect is that?!

Believe it or not, this beautiful woman gave birth LESS THAN 24 HOURS before I captured these images. Can you believe how incredible she looks?!

If you're about to have a baby, please consider a Birth or Fresh 48 Session. Or, if you know someone that's about to have a baby, how about #gifting them with a session? I guarantee these images will last them much longer than another stuffed giraffe, no matter how soft. These are the memories that will last a lifetime. You won't regret it.

Much love,


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