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FAQs and Concerns about Day In The Life Sessions...

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

So, you're contemplating choosing a "Day In The Life" session for your family photos this year but you still have a few reservations. Or, perhaps you have no idea what a #dayinthelife session is, and you're curious to know what all the fuss is about. Either way, you're in the right place.

For many, the thought of having a photographer follow them around for a few hours, much less a whole day, can seem more than a little bit daunting at first.

What is a Day In The Life session?

A DITL session is exactly what it sounds like. It is a documentary photo session where I join you and your family for the day to capture images that tell your family's story. From waking up in the morning until going to bed at night. No posing, no cheesy smiles - just you doing what you would normally do on any given day.

You don't have to ignore the fact that I'm in the room (I do love to interact with the children and parents), but the goal is that you'll forget that I've got a camera in my hands.

What in the world would you photograph? Our family never does anything exciting...

First of all, if you think you're boring, visiting the Feeler house should definitely be scratched off your list of bucket list places to visit (#uneventfulhomebodies).

I'm sure we all remember the times our parents planned a special family outing - maybe a day at the waterpark or a special art class. I'm not sure about you, but those one-off activities aren't the memories that I cherish most from my childhood. Do you know what I remember? That my dad used to let my sister and I paint his toenails. That sometimes, when my older siblings were at school, my mom and I would have a tiny picnic in our backyard.

Polaroid of my mother and daughter
Actual polaroid of my mother and I

And you know what? I bet these are the type of "non-exciting" memories that your children will cherish when they grow up, too.

I'm still worried that we'll be too boring. Maybe I should plan just a few fun activities for us do?

Maybe you're the type of family that's always on-the-go with extracurricular activities, or perhaps you have a sacred Saturday ritual of going to the bakery down the road before you head to the park to burn off some energy. Should you alter your routine to be couch potatoes the day of your scheduled session? Absolutely not!

Here's what I'm trying to say - You and your children will be much more comfortable doing the activities that are familiar to you. Not only will this translate into more genuine photographs, it will help eliminate the possibility of having your 3-year old have the meltdown of the century due to over (or under) stimulation.

Remember: the whole purpose of a #documentaryphotographysession is to accurately tell your family's story in the most honest way.

Side note: The one exception to this rule is if you have teenage children. Without 1 or 2 planned activities, you'd likely end up with a lot of images of noses buried deep into electronic devices.

How should I prepare?

This, my friends, is one of the biggest perks of choosing a Day In The Life session, in my opinion. No preparation is required! There is no need to clean your house, hunt down some matching family outfits (come on, no one matches in real life), or bring out that fancy china that's been collecting dust in your cabinet for years.

Just be you.

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