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Collier Family - "Day In The Life" Session

Last Tuesday I had the privilege to spend an entire day with the Collier family that actually lives right here in #Maumelle. They willingly allowed a 36-week pregnant woman to follow them around for the day, and I'm so grateful they did - because I had a wonderful time with them!

Katie and Jordan are parents to 5 of the most precious children you'll ever meet. The 3 oldest are their biological children, while the 2 youngest are their adopted kiddos. I can't imagine the patience and strength required to endure instability and the waiting game of #fostering & #adopting, but this couple has handled everything life has thrown at them with unbelievable grace. It's easily apparent, even to a relative stranger, how they've allowed their Godly faith to guide their footsteps.

As you would expect, these parents work hard taking care of their kiddos, but they also love equally as hard.

Although a little unsure at first, the kids (Carson - 9.5, Cooper - 8, Millie Kate - 6.5, Christian - almost 3, and Kennedy - 17 months) were so sweet and warmed up to me in no time! They invited me to join in on the trampoline bouncing, multiple board games, and dinner - all unprompted by their parents.

I can honestly say that when the older boys asked if I was going to be coming back the next day, I was disappointed to have to say, "no." The love and vibrancy was contagious, and truly this house is a home to anyone and everyone that comes through its doors.

To view the entire Collier #dayinthelife slideshow, go here:

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