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4 Random Things Your (Family) Photographer Wants You to Know

  • We love to hear your feedback.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I used to never give our photographer feedback after we received our images. I always assumed that she knew that the images were great and that we loved them (or we wouldn't have hired her). *FACE PALM* Even when we love the images we deliver, it's still so valuable to know that our clients love them, too.

The same goes for negative feedback. While I admit this is a harder pill to swallow, how are would we ever be able to fix a problem that we didn't know existed? As long as you are kind, bring on the constructive criticism, too.

  • It's better when your bellies are full.

Please please please don't come hungry. There's a reason the word "hanger" has become a thing. As the Snickers adage goes, "You're not you when you're hungry." Bringing snacks is normally a good idea, too. Although this is typically an issue for children, it can be true for adults, too. Just ask my sister... ;)

The same also goes for sleep. If at all within your control, please show up well-rested.

  • We know that kids are kids.

Photoshoots can be particularly stressful for children. Kids that are normally happy and laid back can flip a switch as soon as I break out a camera (I'm a total stranger to them!). Kids can throw fits, cry, refuse to smile, struggle to sit still, and easily get distracted. Often children will even refuse to go to one of their parents and stick like Velcro to the other. I can't overstate this: This is NORMAL. I don't judge you and I don't judge your children. A little patience and playfulness can go a long way into changing their attitudes.

  • On a related note: We're probably going to act ridiculous during your shoot.

I have done some absolutely ridiculous things to get children to warm up and smile, and I don't regret any of them. I've made incredibly obnoxious noises and faces, sung their favorite songs, and talked into a leaf like a telephone. While I may act a little insane to make your kids happy, it's worth it. I'd like to think I'm mostly normal in real life...

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