Why "Motherhood Sessions" can be so Valuable

There are a few things I’m choosing to focus on in my shooting in 2023. Firstly and probably most importantly, I’m really trying to hone in on the beauty of parenthood, particularly highlighting the women that make such extensive sacrifices in so many aspects of their life to dedicate themselves to raising a beautiful family.

Time is fleeting.

I know you've heard the saying, "Babies don't keep." And, as a mother of two myself, let me tell you... they really don't. One minute you can feel their little foot wiggling inside your belly, the next they're learning to walk. You blink and then they're telling you they want to put their shoes on by themselves.

Every stage is wonderful in its own way, but don't let one slip past you without taking time to capture its unique beauty.

You are always behind the camera.

Pretty much every mom I've ever met can show me hundreds of photos on their camera roll of their children. You document them in their bassinet at the hospital, rolling over for the first time, learning to crawl. You document them in a food-covered high chair and how cute they are taking a bath in the kitchen sink. You document their first day of school with their giant backpacks on their tiny little bodies.

But how many photos do you have with them? Photos of you playing and tickling and snuggling and kissing? Of you comforting them after they fall down? Of you brushing their hair out of their eyes?

My husband, for all his virtues (of which there are plenty, one of which is being able to be present in the moment), only takes a handful of photos of me with our children a year. Even me, a photographer, has to be intentional about capturing my relationship with my littles.

Your kids will want to see you with them.

I would so cherish having more images of my mother with us. More images to connect her to the smell I remember from her neck when I wrapped my arms around her. More images of her hands (especially with her wedding ring before it was lost a few years back) holding ours.

Your kids will want to see you with them. They'll want them when they've grown up, especially once you're gone.

You are beautiful.

You have sacrificed so much.

You sacrificed your body to grow your babies for 9 months. To nurse them, to hold them.

You've sacrificed sleep. So much sleep.

You've sacrificed your career for maternity leave, staying at home with sick kids, to make it home to eat dinner with your family, or even to stay at home full time.

You've sacrificed your hobbies, time with friends, time alone.

You've done this all with grace, with a heart full of love. You are the embodiment of selflessness and dedication. And that is a beautiful thing.

You deserve this.