A couple of weeks ago I got the honor to meet and photograph the Harrison family. This crew is an absolute gem, and baby Harper was the happiest, squishiest baby ever.

While I share some images from their session, I thought you might like to know some things that will rocket you to your photographer's good side, particularly mine.

How to be Your Photographer's Favorite Client

Show Up On Time

Let me preface this by stating the obvious: We would 100% rather you arrive safe and sound to your session, even if that is a few minutes late. However, as much as it is within your control, show up to your session at your scheduled slot time (or even a few minute early!). We schedule your session based off of many factors that include lighting, other sessions that day, our own family's schedules, among many others. If you're late to your session, not only do compromise your photographer's timeline, you can significantly affect the quality and quantity of images you'll receive in your own gallery.

Use Our Contact Form

I truly have no issues texting or DMing any clients; however, for the initial conversation we have about getting more information about investment information or getting you on the schedule, I love when you use the Contact Form on my website. Many photographers utilize a client management service that helps us organize our schedule but also make sure that no one falls through the cracks (one of our worst nightmares). By using our website contact form, you help our systems keep better track of you so that we can in turn serve you better!

Share Our Posts/Tag Us in Photos

Sharing our posts with images from your session helps our work get in front of a much larger pool of potential clients. The same goes for tagging us in the photos that you post on your own socials. We work SO hard to create stunning work for you, and it's so nice when we get the credit for it.

Bonus points if you like our posts that are of other clients!

Write a Review

Feedback from clients goes a long way. Not only do potential clients love to see that others were happy with the work we produced, every photographer loves to hear that a client was happy with their work - even if we don't always want to admit how much we care (spoiler alert: we care a lot - ha!).

Refer Your Friends

We LOVE it when you send your friends to us! It's great for everyone - Your friends obviously trust your opinion and know you want something great for them, AND it means we get to talk about how much we love you during their session. Win win.