What to expect during a

Motherhood Session

With me

Here are some things you can expect during a motherhood session with me! Most of these aren't exclusive to motherhood sessions, but this does help you know what you can expect if you're considering one.

Wardrobe styling assistance

This year I've starting gathering pieces for a "client closet". These include outfit options for children and women that can be used for photo sessions at no additional cost to the client. Don't feel excluded men - lots of the best options for men are already in your closet!

If you'd rather incorporate pieces from your wardrobe or buy something new yourself, I'm always available for consult. My goal is here is to help you look and feel your best and to help you incorporate clothing that photographs well, letting you be the art.

Playtime + Snuggling

Who doesn't love to jump, squish, tickle, twirl, snuggle, and comfort their babes? That's pretty much all that's on our agenda during a motherhood session: to let children be children.

A stress-free experience

Wardrobe - check. No stiff poses your children don't want to do - check. The option to choose a studio setting so weather doesn't affect the time, date, or comfort of your session - check. A session that takes the pressure off of you trying to document yourself with your children - check.

Priceless Keepsakes

Priceless Keepsakes