How to Have A Great Bridal Session

Allison was an absolutely stunning bride! Her gorgeous beaded lace gown was from Low's Bridal in Brinkley, Arkansas - a staple for Arkansas brides since 1977. Alex Madden from the Ivy Salon in Vilonia, Arkansas was her hair stylist, and Cassie Oaks from Glow Aesthetics in Greenbrier, Arkansas did makeup.

Choose Appropriate Location

While outdoor bridal sessions can be absolutely gorgeous, you might want to consider a studio/indoor session if:

  • Your bridal session will take place during peak summer months. July in Arkansas is swelteringly hot before you even step foot into your 15 pound wedding dress. On the flip side, if you're wearing a strapless dress in January, you might be equally as uncomfortable.

  • You're very concerned about getting your dress dirty. While we do our absolute best to be as cautious with your dress during your bridal session, you will likely have to walk over sidewalks and grass.

Get Hair & Makeup Done Professionally

This is a great time to schedule your trial runs with your wedding-day hair and makeup artists. Not only does it permit you to see it in person before the big day, but it allows you to see how it will photograph. From there you can either make changes to better suit your needs or have peace of mind that you'll look exactly as you'd hoped walking down the aisle.

Getting this done professionally can alleviate the stress of managing it yourself. Let artists with years of experience in the industry do what they do best. They know how to properly secure hair to endure weather and the weight of a veil, and know how to apply makeup to show up well in photographs that will also last through first look tears or reception dancing.

Don't Forget Accessories

Don't forget to bring shoes, jewelry (not just your engagement ring, but especially that - ha!), your veil, and the appropriate undergarments.

While not required, I encourage brides to bring a bouquet. This allows for more posing options and also helps the bride with the "what should I do with my hands?" discomfort. This doesn't have to be super expensive. I've had brides buy grocery store florals and arrange a simple bouquet themselves.

Allison had my favorite solution so far. She chose an Evergreen Bride bouquet made from non-perishable sola wood florals that she could keep for wedding day and years after.

Bring Support

I love when brides bring their mother, sister, or maid of honor, etc. to a bridal session. Someone that not only can help her get into her gown and fluff her train, but also someone who is in her corner. There's nothing quite like a best friend hyping up a bride in her wedding dress, or adjusting her hair to a way she knows she likes. Confidence goes a long way into the images we capture.

I hope all of this information helps you plan for and feel confident going into your bridal session. It's so nice to be able to capture some solo images of the bride without the hustle and bustle of the wedding day time crunch.

Happy wedding planning!